A Different Approach to Super 8(a)

We are proud of our Native Hawaiian Organization heritage and leverage our unique contracting privileges as your trusted & preferred Super 8(a) partner to achieve mutually beneficial business growth.

Teaming with Lawelawe

  • Looking for someone you can trust? Our integrity is reputable and we and always do what we say we are going to do.
  • Looking for a partner to provide program & contract management? We have a proven ability for transition, execution/delivery, and consistent back-office support.
  • Are your 8(a) contracts expiring? Is your 8(a) graduation date approaching? Have you sized out of 8(a)? Retain your work as a sub.

Lawelawe Programs for Strategic Growth

8(a) Business Incubator

At Lawelawe we provide the participants of our Business Incubator model with the necessary nurturing, feeding and grooming required to become a successful small business. We take care of the thinking, planning and coordination, while you learn the ropes. Our model maximizes potential, efficiency and outcomes, while reducing risk.

Strategic 8(a) Exit Program

At Lawelawe we have some creative solutions for businesses that have recently graduated or near graduation. We have a group of proven strategies that when applied to your business will yield significant impact, from a cashflow, business competence, organizational structure, employee retention and morale, and ultimately, client satisfaction.

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