Lawe Lawe

Our Mission

We exist to stimulate Native Hawaiian communities through economic investments made by our parent nonprofit, the Native Hawaiian Organization Charity, by providing infrastructure and capacity through shared business management services.

Our Vision

We leverage our unique “Super 8(a)” contracting privileges to the fullest extent with utmost integrity and dependability.

How We Operate

Lawelawe is Hawaiian for “to care for others.” Every level of Lawelawe support functions interdependently to foster mission success for our customers, partners, and the Native Hawaiian Organization Charity.

Logo narrative as it ties to


Lawelawe’s logo represents a symbol deeply significant to Hawaiian culture for over a millennium: the Makau, a fishhook used to find food. The ocean is an important part of the Hawaiian culture and native Hawaiians have a strong connection to it. It is believed to protect people for safe travel. The Makau remains a symbol of humans’ connection with the sea, its creatures, and the fragile balance of life on the islands.