Lawelawe serves the Federal Government by delivering excellent, mission-critical client results. We specialize in performing Program Management and Business Transformation, Human Capital and Training, Digital Solutions, and Medical Staffing, Healthcare and Health IT. A few of our clients include: The Defense Health Agency, The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, The United States Army Corp of Engineers, The U.S. Special Operations Command and The United States House of Representatives. Our Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) status enables us to receive service contract awards on sole source basis above standard 8(a) competitive thresholds.

Contracting Features

  • Ability to receive direct awards. No J&A required for DoD direct award contracts up to $100M DFARS 219.808-1(a)
  • Exemption from competitive thresholds
  • Directly negotiate contracts with the Government (13CFR124.503(c))
  • Awards cannot be protested (13CFR124.517(a))
  • Always considered Small Disadvantaged Businesses
  • Agencies may attribute the experience or past performance of a parent or affiliated company
  • Agencies may claim both Small Disadvantaged Business and Native credits. Despite our small business status, we consistently deliver on large-scale projects because of our broad scope of capabilities, our handpicked staff of consultants, and our diverse partner network.

Benefits to Our Customer

  • Saves agencies time
  • Saves agencies money
  • Ensures no gap and/or loss in capability negatively impacting the mission
  • Ease of meeting increased small business goals

Steps to a Contract Award

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